Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism. – Rocky Anderson

I scroll down my TL watching my peers emphatically expressing discontent for the current POTUS and denouncing him as “our president.” I sympathize. It’s impossible for me to agree that a man who does not represent me or my best interests and lost the nation’s popular vote by around 300,000,000 votes is my POTUS.  The word mine indicates possession and he will never belong to me. However he is the POTUS and even us rebels, by law, must respect that position.

Since his self-proclaimed “National Day of Patriotic Devotion,” this POTUS has signed several pieces of shocking legislature. These shockwaves rippled throughout the national and international community; a mortgage-fee cut intended to help low-income borrowers and first-time homeowners; withdrawing the U.S. from TTP; banning any U.S. funded international health organization from presenting abortion as an option for family planning.


Then the Monday Night Massacre– POTUS fired his acting AG, Sally Yates, for refusing to enforce his deplorable travel ban. Said ban prohibits Muslims from seven selected major countries from entering the U.S. While he says that this ban is in America’s best interests, this action has turned some of his domestic and foreign supporters against him. Is America becoming un-American? This ban is also connected to the confirmation that U.S. taxpayers will fund the construction of his sacred wall he wants to build at the Mexican border. Though the executive orders signed to begin wall construction offer an increase in employment (border patrol, ICE), it could lead to a messy dissolution of the relationship between Mexico and the U.S.

Moving forward it is understood that we are still trying to to find out exactly who is running our country- racist and bigot Steve Bannon or inept and irrational POTUS. We are aware that in an effort to reduce debt on the individual Americans by $22.36, Potus wants to defund  17 government agencies (including Office of Violence Against Women) and set the country back hundreds of years. Nonetheless, as progressives, we will use the next 4 years to ensure that our next popular vote matches our electoral vote and that our protests force change. 4 years to ensure that NO cyber attacks, foreign or domestic, compromise our democracy. Hell, we need to make sure that we still are a democracy in 4 years.

Nothing is worse than protest with no progress.  Consequently, we should continue to live in our America, working to prove that one man can’t destroy a nation, but that a unified village can save our world.


  The Village Idiot?


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