The Devil Beside Him

Undress yourself and dive in…

Last Wednesday morning, Al Green a representative from Texas, called for the impeachment of the current POTUS.  Of course, all of us fair, patriotic, “awake” citizens understood this was coming. The man has run this country like a reality show since his inauguration. Starting with the firing of five government officials, including former attorney general Sally Yates, Mike Flynn (who was asked to resign), and now James Comey.  Since his termination, Comey has penned a memo accusing 45 of asking him to end the investigation into Flynn’s discussions about sanctions with the Russian ambassador.  While this one small request may look innocent, in the grand scheme that is this current administration, it could be defined as obstruction of justice.

As the citizens governed by this unmistakably inept businessman we have had a front seat at a live showing of the Apprentice. POTUS is the contestant and there is a distinct possibility he may lose. If we are subject to essentially what will be remembered as a Watergate part II and 45 is impeached, next in line is who my peers lovingly call the devil- VP Mike Pence. Now while former Indiana Governor has walked beside 45 attempting to look like the level headed running mate, common sense dictates that you choose a running mate who compliments your style of leadership, someone who could be a friend. Like the Obama-Biden bromance we still love. Since we know the type of grab em by the pussy president we have, the question becomes how did he end up with a Christian extremist as a work buddy? 45 ran his campaign full of negative innuendo and blatant disrespect and picked a running mate who penned an essay entitled, “Confessions of a Negative Campaigner.”  At first glance, it could lead you to wonder how did he get there?

Yet Pence is a well-known staunch conservative who believes in the right to bear arms, stands against any type of cannabis reform and doesn’t think that any warrant should be required for domestic wiretapping. Pence believes in single income homes, the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, and government funding of therapy that believes it can help convert homosexuals into heterosexuals (conversion therapy).  He supports 45’s stance on immigration, including the Muslim ban and the building of the wall at the US-Mexico border. What scares the hell out of me is that Pence has all of the beliefs of 45 but with the experience, charm, and political backing to boot. POTUS “drained the swamp” while simultaneously bringing his very own crocodile with him.  A croc who could very well end up biting him in the back. After all, that essay Pence penned in 1991 was published only after he used campaign funds to pay for his personal expenses in the prior campaign cycle(s). He is primed to be president if 45 is fired. And our famous colloquialism spouting that the world is going to Hell in a handbasket may become a reality more quickly than we think.


I just want to make it to heaven *Kanye shrugs*


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