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Undress Yourself and Dive In…

The old saying that knowledge is power is wrong. That’s why I asked you to leave your old way of thinking at the .com and dive in because the reality is that you can be armed with all the knowledge in the world and still falter. See despite what the old adage promotes simply knowing what to do does not empower you.  In all actuality, the power the popular expression refers to lies in having the discernment needed to accurately apply that coveted knowledge. By definition discerning is a verb that means, “to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; (to) see, recognize, or apprehend.”  For instance, if as an active player you stand on the sidelines with the playbook memorized while the others run around aimlessly on the field the game will be lost. The whole time you knew how to win you just didn’t sense that NOW is the time to act. What good are you?

   In more relative terms,  I find I’m still learning this lesson the hard way as I recently attempted to take on a personal burden in my life alone. Why? Same reason I always do- I am a work in progress. Yet, I thought because I had shared a little here and a little there with a few of my friends that I was moving past the issues of burden, which pushed me into my Epileptic state. Wrong. That simple lesson is of the utmost importance to people like me who chose to take on the burdens of others but refuses to share, in totality, our own. However, we were created to latch on to our “home team” and share with them not only our successes but our failures too. We are created to be here, one for another, not just to bear the weight of our lives alone.

 I’m guessing you’re wondering WTH this has to do with knowledge and wisdom? Reading that prior paragraph was a waste of your time because you knew that already. You have a crew who leans on you and you lean on them equally, and y’all sing “Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty” when Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna comes on or and whatever song you sing to signify your collective loyalty, and you could’ve been doing something else in these precious moments.

Well I challenge you to think again.

How many of your loved ones have you called to discuss life with but have neglected to simply ask, “How are you doing?” And then listen with intent for a response? How many times have you noticed how shut off a person has become, but because you are so busy you forget to shoot them a text or an email, call, even go knock on their door if they refuse to answer those advances?

It’s easy to have knowledge about how to be there for each other but do we have the wisdom to actually show up when it counts? Discernment is a verb so we should make an effort to be active for each other in the valleys and the victories. Remember not to get so caught up in the superficial that we settle with the absorption of knowledge without understanding the power behind its application.



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