The Flag?! Really?

Undress Yourself and Dive In…

On September 8, 2016, I published a piece entitled Blood on that Flag, to describe Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest against the unpunished brutality towards African Americans in this country. Honestly, the title was simply a play on words at the time, considering I am a big football fan and the protest was during the national anthem during America’s favorite sport. But the white extremists of America, in their usual spirit of fear that people of color would actually begin to take corrective action against their wrongs, decided to deflect Kaepernick’s protest away from its original message.


Like their khakis and tiki torches, they attempted to equate the meaning of this movement to a Walmart Supercenter, low budget style representation: a flag. A stitched symbol of human lives, refusing to acknowledge the present- day death of the descendants of those whose actual blood was shed so it could be stitched and the reason behind the knee.

Initially, when this perspective was publicized I didn’t want to address it because obviously it was an assault on our intelligence. You’re going to object to our justified protest and tell us what we are protesting about? I felt like Neek on this past week’s episode of Black Ink Chicago when he found out his girlfriend Charmaine booked a mansion and invited the entire crew on their private romantic vacation: “Am I being Punked?”

 I use the collective “our” to describe this protest because the community of those who stood against the unjust killings of black people were now mostly standing (or kneeling) with Kaep. So we felt and still feel like this is our protest. It is about being a voice that stands in opposition to those that say, in CNN hosted town hall meetings, that because Kaep has taken up this legal cause it’s okay that he now can’t work his dream day job. Huh?

Keep in mind that the above stupid notion was made by an educated black man. Maybe Bob McNair signs his checks as well?

What can’t be deflected or changed is that cops get away with murdering black people like a regulated purge. Case and point how they can just wipe their records clean with headlines reading, “Black Man’s Shooting Can Be Removed From Cop’s Record:” –You mean unarmed Terrence Crutcher, who Betty Shelby shot and then waited two minutes before she even attempted to aid him. Then she professes, “I did everything I could to stop this. Crutcher’s death is his fault.”

And I while I will not defend the hallucinogenic drugs found in Crutcher’s system I can note as an ordinary citizen who lives under the assumption that the police are here to protect and serve that before he was shot he was tased.  There could have been another way to handle that particular situation. Better training possibly on how 120 seconds is a long time to wait to administer aid to someone who lays dying?


Even if you may have been ill-advised enough to allow 45 into the sacred mansion on Penn Ave, do not be senseless enough to think this is a protest about a flag. When Kaep writes his book, those of us who have chosen a side will buy it immediately. He needs to continue to support his family and we need to continue to tell the NFL to kiss our ass. Giving back on a local level, in any area, so that the next generation is not wiped out. Supporting us and our community so that they can see it, that is action.  That’s what it means to stand or kneel for something.


A Black Woman Sharing Her Thoughts 



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