I am the nakedness behind Her Naked Truth.  I am Ashley Morgan Hart Jackson- a millennial and writer with a passion for expressing the feelings of my generation, from an unfiltered yet educated perspective.

I have been writing prose and poetry since I was a child. I used my full academic scholarship to my prestigious HBCU, Claflin University, to acquire an undergraduate degree in English. There, I was persuaded by my advanced placement English professor to transition from the business program due to what he identified as the sophistication of my writing style. Impressed, he wanted me to polish those skills and put them to good use.

Yet, for me, writing has always been cathartic. I have been gifted beautiful books to use as diaries and journals and over the years I’ve used them to evolve into the communicator I am today. I learned to express my feelings about any and everything- love, politics, spirituality, relationships, you name it! Into my adult life, I began to share what I wrote with my circle of friends and family, a group of staunch and unbiased critics.

Noticing that it was relatable to my millennial counterparts and understandable to the boomers, they all began to ask why had I chose not to share my lessons and journeys with others.  Now I have.

That’s where my pen (or fingers to type) come in. My goal is to unveil the world from the vantage point of my peers.

So undress yourself and dive in…